40 Beautiful InfoGraphic Designs

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

An information graphic in its simplest form is a visual interpretation of data. Though an incredibly useful form of data presentation, infographics have traditionally been an underwhelming sector of the design world.

That being said, there are some brilliant designers out there who have turned this typically dull form of data visualization into beautiful and creative works of art.

In appreciation of those designers who find beauty in data, I’ve collected 40 beautiful infographic designs that inspire me. Hopefully they will inspire you, too!

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45 Beautifully Designed Book Covers

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

I would imagine that nobody hates the expression don’t judge a book by its cover more than an actual book cover designer. Obviously, the metaphor isn’t really about books – but still, that’s gotta sting a little.

Let’s face it, if people didn’t actually “judge books by their covers”, there would be a lot of graphic designers out of a job. The need for company branding, attractive packaging or promotional material of any kind would be non-existent; thus leaving the lowly graphic designer nothing short of obsolete.

So in the spirit of judging books by their covers, I’ve compiled a list of 45 beautifully designed book covers that I find inspiring. Did I miss any that inspire you?

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25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

For the most part, being both a film geek and design geek are two completely separate interests of mine that rarely coexist.  Occasionally I’ll be enticed by a great poster design, or appreciate the font choice in a title sequence – but usually the two worlds never collide.

However, lately I’ve noticed a trend of artists and designers paying homage to their favorite films in their own creative way.  Whether it be the re-imagining of a film’s poster or the designing of a cover for a film’s novelization; I simply can’t get enough of this stuff.

It is in admiration of this movement that I’ve hand picked my favorite 25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film. Hope you like them.

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40 Gorgeous Vintage Tobacco Advertisements

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

Tobacco advertising has got to be one of the most morally questionable industries out there.

It seems these advertisers would stop at nothing to exploit every possible resource – all in name of peddle their wares.  A few victims of tobacco advertisements include celebrities, doctors, children, the military, Christmas, nostalgia, cartoon characters, and of course everyone’s favorite – sex.  I suppose all in all not much has changed.

But in all their morally questionable motives these advertisers did manage to create some beautiful works of art.  This is why I’ve assembled my favorite 40 vintage tobacco advertisements for your enjoyment.

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Wall Medicated

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

Today I’m proud to release the official WellMedicated Wallpaper for your iPhone or Desktop!

Truth be told, this is something I was hoping to couple with the launch of the redesign, but yet again my disorganization has gotten the better of me.  So here’s hoping this is a case of ‘better late than never’.

The wallpaper design is fairly minimalist and simple.  No pesky credits, web addresses or words in general for that matter to clutter it up.  I hate it when that happens and I’m sure you do to.

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Vintage Mexican Advertisements

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

Ever since I happened upon the sr. mexicant vintage ads blog I’ve been meaning to put together a gallery of vintage Mexican advertisements.  The thing is, this blog appears to be the sole definitive source on the subject.

So I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for the first WellMedicated Quickie.  The following are a few of my favorite selections from the sr. mexicant vintage ads blog – be sure to check ’em out for more beautiful vintage Mexican ads!

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